P-18 Project Manager - Reporting Tab

Hydrocarbon Storage & Run Data

The information from this section is exported to Sections III & IV of the P-18. The Edit icon to the right of Total Sold allows you to enter Gatherer Information.

P-18 Reporting

  • Month && Year for the P-18 you want to create.
  • [Create P-18] - Creates a P-18
  • Links to P-18s - Click on an item in the list to view one of the P-18s that has been created for the selected System Serial Number
  • Run Ticket Reporting

  • [Print Tickets] or [Export Tickets]
  • For [All Operators] or [Selected Operator(s)]
  • For a specific [Date Range]
  • [Sort Order] Sorted in one of six different ways.
  • With [Calculated Lease Totals] or not.
  • Run Ticket tab Gathering Systems Tab P-18 Project Manager Quick Start