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Texas Forms Electronic Data Interchange Window


Access this window from the Well / Project Manager Window by selecting File > Create EDI File.




This window generates EDI files for submission to the RRC.  Follow these steps to create an EDI file.

  1. Select the Operator.  This list comes from the operators that you have entered via the Operator Window.  If you do not see the operator you want then you must go to the Operator Window and enter the opeator's information.
  2. Select the Authorized Agent.  This is the name of the person the RRC has approved for E-File submissions.  Pressing the Add/Edit/Delete.. button will display the Authorized Agent Window where you can enter agent information.
  3. Select Report Month and Report Year.
  4. Select the Filing type. (G-10 / W-10 or H-10) For H-10 only. Select which wells you want to include in the EDI file.
  5. Press the Validate button.  This validates all the well records that are either selected or scheduled for filing for the selected month.  See below if validation fails
  6. Press the Create EDI File button and enter the file name.  All validated well records will be added to the EDI file.
  7. Press the Print EDI Report to see all the well data that is in the EDI file.


Data Validation Errors:

If there errors found during the validation process a list of wells will be displayed with the details of the errors. If you proceed and create the EDI file without correcting the errors only the wells that passed the validation will be in the file.  We recommend that you correct the errors before proceeding.




Correcting Data Validation Errors:

Double-clicking on a well in the list will display it in the Well / Project Manager Window.  The Electronic Data Interchange Window will remain visible while you correct the problem.  Once you make the correction be sure to SAVE.  Then you can double-click on the next well in the list and make more corrections.  When you are finished making corrections select the Validation button again to see if all the wells have been corrected.

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